Friday, April 24, 2009

oh my

Aside from one child being stuck at school because our session ran over, another vomiting all over our studio floor, and the third (a 1 year old) managing to get through 2 doors and taking off into downtown DeKalb on his own (and, yes, someone called the police... and I about died--literally.  I was sobbing from being so worked up.)  we had a pretty good day in ae land.  So much for bring your kids to work day.  That will never happen again!

A big thanks to Logan-I am very sorry for the craziness that took place today!  And I can't forget Eric (the senior Eric, not "ae Eric") for lending me his pants, because the wind kept blowing my dress up during the shoot!   Nothing like wearing your client's pants while you photograph him. : /

Photos will be posted soon.  See, come to ae photography.  You never know what's going to happen :)


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