Sunday, June 28, 2009

josh + jodi | sneak peek | rockford, il wedding photographer

So we haven't been the most dedicated bloggers lately :/  We are trying to work on that!  We have just been extremely busy.  We had a great time in Florida, and I'll be posting some vacation photos soon for you all to see!

Here is a new sneak peek finally!!

We had fun getting to know Josh and Jodi during their Engagement Session awhile back!  They
are a great couple and we were really looking forward to their big day : )

Some sweet details:

Jodi had an amazing dress!  Probably one of my favorites :)  More detailed shots down below.

A few last minute touches and it's off to the ceremony.

Jodi has the sweetest dad.  With Jodi being the youngest of 4 daughters, he was pretty emotional throughout the day!  He looks proud walking his baby down the aisle :)

The new Mr. + Mrs.  :)

Some fun portraits :)  

Reception time!  They had a funny cake topper--which we happened to see at two weddings in a row!  What's with all the guys running away from their ladies?  ;)

The first dance--one shot of many great ones!

After photographing many a wedding,  Eric and I have found there is always one kid that really knows how to dance.  I'm talking serious moves.  Example:

Everyone was happy and feeling great ;)

Love these last two shots!  Windy days + veils = fun!

Congratulations Josh + Jodi!  

One a side note:  Josh + Jodi ordered a Photo Film.  Once that is finished up, we will be posting it for all to see!  We need some Photo Film samples on here.  Check back for that!  They are awesome.


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