Monday, August 24, 2009

chad + susan | rockford, il wedding photographer

Chad and Susan were married back in July. Here is a selection from their big day--starting with a few details! We had fun with Susan's dress while she was getting her hair done :)

LOVE the colors in these next few shots!! The bright orange she included in her wedding colors really stood out and made the photos pop.

This was their "snack bar" while they were getting ready at the church. I have to say--this is the largest snack bar we have ever seen! They made sure everyone was well taken care of the entire day :)

I really like the next shot. They were using the little scissors out of this sewing kit to fix the dress in some way--I didn't really hear what was going on! I was pretty much laying sideways on the ground trying to get the exact shot I was looking for. I think I might switch it up to black and white.

I couldn't help myself with the next shot. Luckily it was a clean toilet.

A few more lovely details:

Time for the ceremony--a few favorites!

We shot private time and the wedding party photos at a few different locations, one being Midway Village. I'm pretty sure all of images below came from that location. We do a lot of the "whisper in her/his ear kind of thing"... so I don't think I realized what exactly I was capturing when I took this. It cracked me up when I got home and saw it. Chad doesn't look too excited, but he doesn't seem to be completely against it either! What a face!

As you can see, we had fun with some old vintage ae cameras we have for "props" (oh, how I hate that word)--and we were really pleased with the way they turned out. One of the images I posted in a previous blog will be going above the couch in the studio!

Chad and Susan are huge Bears fans, so Susan arranged to have Staley come to the reception as a surprise for Chad. We have waaaay too many great shots from his "photo shoot" out in the parking lot! He is quite the character!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your day! We had a great time and hope you love your photos!!


Nikki said...

Loving the shots at Midway! I am really looking forward to next June!! :)

Also - I love how creative you guys get with shots of the rings. Is that a marker box? Awesome.

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