Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dillon + leah | engaged | dekalb, illinois photographer

We had a combination studio + location session with Dillon + Leah a couple weeks ago. They were very fun and easy to work with! They were great at the kissing photos... and now that I look at this post, I'm noticing I didn't even include one single kissing shot--amazing! I guess you will have to wait for the wedding post to see those :)

The lovely couch photo was taken in the studio : )

You guys were naturals. I felt like I was photographing some American Eagle models or something! We're excited for the wedding this Saturday! See you soon!!

On a side note: I know we have been neglecting the blog lately, and there are a few reason for that. One being that we are insanely busy, two being that we are trying to get some displays going for the Cypress House in Rochelle and Borders in DeKalb... and finally... we want a new blog. We have been working on getting a better one, but with so many other things happening, it keeps getting pushed aside. Because of that, we haven't really had the desire to post to this one knowing that we will be changing very soon. BUT... we have now decided to just stick with this one for a few more months until things slow down and we have the time to work on the new one! So... let the posting begin! Hopefully we can become dedicated bloggers : ) Adios for now.


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