Monday, July 6, 2009

layton + danielle | engaged | rochelle, illinois portrait photographer

We went to school with Danielle and were honored when she asked us to photograph her wedding!  We met Layton + Danielle in Rochelle, because she wanted the engagement session to be in her hometown.   We tend to think Rochelle can be a bit boring (hence the reason we chose to have the studio in DeKalb), but we still tried to make it fun and different : )

Although, it really doesn't matter where you are--the close up intimate shots are always my

favorite!  I love these first two!  Layton reminds me of Ashton Kutcher--do you see it?!

We made a stop at the theater and the ice cream shop : ]

Layton + Danielle are a lot like Eric and I.  He's about a foot taller than her--just like us!

Here is where we sat waiting for some neat "blurred train" shots.  Here's were we sat and sat
and sat.  This town is known for it's trains.  One never came... until we left!

We had fun, guys!  Hope you like your photos.  We are looking forward to the wedding :)


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