Friday, July 10, 2009

pete + liz | engaged | chicago, il photographer

Okay, so this post seems a little late considering we photographed "part one" of their wedding on June 20th. We still wanted to share some of our favorites (and there were many) from their
engagement session in Chicago. They love their bikes, we did some bike shots--which turned
out very cool. They brought their bikes to the wedding--which was even better, because Liz was in her dress and Pete had a great cream colored suit :)

They took us to their favorite sushi bar and had us try sushi for the first time. Thanks for that!

We had a great time during this session! Your country wedding was lovely. I will get a sneak
peek posted very soon for you!

Okay, and one more thing. I mentioned last post that Layton reminded us (well me, at least) of Ashton Kutcher. This is not an unusual occurance--we always think everyone looks like someone famous for the most part. In this case, Pete was a tad Tom Cruise (aside from Tom's weirdness) and Liz occasionally looked like Evan Rachel Wood. Look at the above photo where she's wearing the red hoodie... ?? --maybe a little? : )

We will see Pete + Liz again in September for their Chicago reception. We're looking forward to it!


Liz said...

Pete looks like Tom Cruise because of his beautiful smile, showing all the teeth, and the eye crinkle. And I just figured out who Evan Rachel Wood is - thanks!

ae photography . blog said...

Both good looking people ;) And thanks for the comment! It's about time people started leaving us comments on this thing!

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